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Existing agreements with partner universities are subject to ongoing analysis to optimize and streamline the use of available funds. Possible activities under a bilateral agreement are THE NC Central University offers bilateral agreements and student follow-up options for students who have completed a technical degree. These agreements are pre-approved programs for students wishing to study courses that do not always offer flawless transitional options. In addition to international cooperation, coordinated by specific externally funded programmes, the University of Gant will also collaborate on a bilateral basis with more than 150 higher education institutions located outside Europe. To apply for a articulation agreement for a high school program or to apply for assistance in submitting a national CTAG approval program, send pathway assistance to the Regional Support Centre. Eagle Voyage is a partnership between Vance Granville Community College (VGCC) and NCCU, which offers residents of surrounding counties the opportunity to obtain a bachelor`s degree in criminal justice science through NCCU. Eagle Voyage is the first bachelor`s degree offered at VGCC institutions and the first time the NCCU has found a counselor on a community university campus. Launched in 2015, Eagle Voyage provides VGCC with classroom and technology support, while NCCU offers two years of undergraduate studies for students with associate degrees. Credits transferred from the associate`s degree allow students to complete the accelerated program for nine eight-week mini-sessions and one summer at the VGCC. Students benefit from a hybrid format consisting of Tuesday night classes on the VGCC campus, with additional online work on the blackboard learning management system, introduced by the institutions. It is also an affordable option for students who pay for courses at the NCCU distance education rate.

Bilateral agreements cannot be established for a high school program that already has a CTAG credit authorization. Uniform Articulation Agreement (Associate in Fine Arts in Music) between the University of North Carolina The Uniform Articulation Agreement focuses on seamless transfer for students who begin music studies at a community college and then move on to one of the University of North Carolina`s music licensing programs. The North Carolina Comprehensive Liaison Agreement (CAA) is a national credit transfer agreement between NC Community Colleges and NC Public Universities and aims to move students smoothly. Eagle Access is a bilateral partnership agreement between Alamance Community College (ACC) and ncCU. The partnership establishes eight association and bachelor`s programs, offered jointly through the CCA and NCCU, including several hybrid courses offered either on campus or online. The transferarulation agreement includes the following programs: Associates of Applied Science (AAS), Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The goal of California Community Colleges` (HBCUs) University and University Transfer Program (HBCUs) is to develop transfer guarantee agreements that will allow students to move smoothly from all Colleges in the California Community to HBCUs partners. These agreements will simplify the transfer process and reduce the need for unnecessary courses for students, thereby reducing the time required to complete the degree and reducing costs. Ms.

Reintje Reynebeau – Ms Elisabeth VelleNon-Erasmusagreements@UGent.beHet Pand, Onderbergen 1B-9000 Gent-32 9 264 70 17 / 70 24 The Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) allows graduates of North Carolina Community College graduates of two-year arts associates (AA) and science associates (AS) who are admitted to the constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina. with junior status.