Bluescope Steel Enterprise Agreement

Bluescope Steel Enterprise Agreement: What You Need to Know

Bluescope Steel is one of Australia`s largest steel manufacturers, producing steel products for the construction, manufacturing, automotive, and mining industries. As with many large companies, Bluescope Steel has an enterprise agreement in place to govern the rights and conditions of its employees.

What is an Enterprise Agreement?

An enterprise agreement is a legally binding agreement between an employer and its employees, which sets out the terms and conditions of employment. These agreements are negotiated between the employer and the employees or their representatives (such as a trade union) and must be approved by the Fair Work Commission.

The Bluescope Steel Enterprise Agreement

The current Bluescope Steel Enterprise Agreement was approved by the Fair Work Commission in 2019 and is due for renegotiation in 2022. The agreement covers approximately 4,500 employees across Bluescope Steel`s Australian operations.

The agreement includes provisions for wages, hours of work, leave entitlements, superannuation, and other employment conditions. For example, the agreement includes a wage increase of 3% per year for three years, as well as significant improvements in entitlements such as paid parental leave, family violence leave, and emergency services leave.

The agreement also includes provisions for dispute resolution and consultation with employees and their representatives. This is an important aspect of enterprise agreements as it ensures that both employers and employees have a say in the terms and conditions of employment.

What Does this Mean for Bluescope Steel Employees?

For Bluescope Steel employees, the enterprise agreement provides certainty and stability in their employment conditions. The agreement ensures that employees receive fair wages, adequate leave entitlements, and the opportunity to have a say in workplace decisions.

It`s important to note that enterprise agreements are legally binding and enforceable. This means that both employers and employees must comply with the terms of the agreement, and any breaches can be addressed through the dispute resolution process outlined in the agreement.


The Bluescope Steel Enterprise Agreement is an important aspect of the company`s employment conditions and provides significant benefits for its employees. As a legally binding agreement, it ensures that employees receive fair and equitable treatment and provides a clear framework for resolving disputes and making decisions.

If you`re a Bluescope Steel employee, it`s important to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the enterprise agreement and to seek advice from your union or other representatives if you have any concerns or issues. By working together, employers and employees can create a workplace that is fair, productive, and supportive for all.